3 ways you can improve your brands image

Brand Images role

Brand image plays an integral role in how a company or a personal brand is perceived. Branding your company or your personal brand correctly can influence how your brand is received by end users. If a brand appears to be confused, then that will have a negative impact on the brands overall performance.
There is a theme that runs through every successful brand and that is brand cohesion. This ensures the consistency of your brand regardless of the platform that is being utilised. A brand needs to be immediately recognisable. A brand needs to appear uniform therefore the same fonts, graphics, illustrations and colours should be consistent across the entire brand with regards to social media platforms and other marketing materials used to engage clients and communities.


1. Understand the importance of a well-designed website

The appearance of a website and how said website functions can either add or subtract from your company or personal brand.
• The pages must load quickly
• The pages should not be unnecessarily long
• Navigation should not be difficult across the site as a whole
• Appropriate colours should be used with regards to the construction of the website
• All the website links should work
• A picture says a thousand words so limit your word count and utilise images that can convey your brand message

2. Communicate your core values and their relevance with regards to how you conduct your operations.

Your core values should play an important role with regards to how your brand conducts activities.
Brands that are successful are usually very good at communicating their values. The origins of the company helps people to connect and engage with the brand on a personal level. This encourages brand loyalty.
To define your core values and establish how you wish to conduct your operations and accomplish a successful brand strategy ask of yourself the following questions:
• What is the motivation behind my brand?
• What impact am I trying to achieve with my brand?
• Why do I want to engage with my clients/ community?

Once these core motivators and beliefs are established we would advise that they are compiled into a manifesto that can be shared.

3. Be visible

There is a common problem that concerns brands and that is visibility. The best way to engage audiences is to increase visibility and to implement a strategy.
Essentially, this would involve locating your audience and targeting them with marketing initiatives simultaneously.
This will present the impression of you effectively being everywhere at once, your target audience will take notice.
You can then extend this strategy into multiple different arenas to engage with more of your target audience.

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5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Good Logo

The two main purposes of a logo are to inform potential clients of a business’s name and to create a visual symbol that represents a business.

1. Create a positive first impression

The main intent behind a logo is to establish a business’s brand identity and ensure that when customers see a business’s logo it communicates on various levels.

2. Engage and attract new business

People see thousands of logos daily. Therefore, a logo needs to send the right message to potential clients.

3. Set a business apart from its competition

Differentiating a business from its competition is critical when competing for clients.

4. Ensuring clients remain loyal

A professional logo can take your business to the next level as people will subliminally understand a professional logo to mean your company is established.

5. Earn trust with professionalism

A professional logo builds trust in your brand as it sends the message of professionalism.

The 5 Most Common Logo Types.
Most businesses have different approaches to logo design and they fall into five distinct categories. None of the categories are inherently superior to the other as it is solely based on preference.

Type based

Examples would be: Facebook, Sony, Google, Coca Cola, Visa, Virgin etc.


Examples would be: Apple, Twitter, Target, Shell etc.


Examples would be: BP, Pepsi, Adidas, Nike, Mitsubishi, Mastercard etc.


Examples would be: Doritos, Burger King, Lacoste, Pringles, Puma, Nasa etc.


Examples would be: Colonel Sanders by KFC, The Penguin by Penguin Books, Michelin Man by Michelin, Rich Uncle Pennybags by Monopoly etc.

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